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Europe Tour Part 2:Italy

After wonderful three days exploring Paris, France, we are off to our Next Country to Visit in our Europe Tour 2019, “bel Paese” (means beautiful country)=Italia.

Spent 4 days here to see three beautiful cities: Florence, Pisa and my most awaited city to visit-Venice. We stayed in Florence, spent a day tour in Pisa and another one in Venice.

This Page is for Pisa Blog, our second day in Italia. Will just give introduction to Florence where we stayed for the whole four days in this Italy trip. I will release separate blog pages for Venice and Florence very soon.

So,,, I thought I had so much fun already in Paris but when we arrived in Italy, it was twice the fun and our expectations were turning into reality...

Pisa,Italy: About



From Paris-CDG, we booked flight with Alitalia Airlines to Florence, Amerigo Vespucci, Italy-FLR. We had a layover in Rome. This is the part where I can playfully say “Had lunch in Paris, Snack in Rome, Dinner in Florence”. After around 3 hours flight,,, CIAO, ITALY!

Florence-FLR airport has a laid-back vibe and it isn’t as big and grand as the other city airports. Still, I loved the mood of the place, a graceful way to welcome Part 2 of our Europe Tour.

We took the Bus from the Airport, the Volainubus Airport shuttle to SMN Train station. Felt like it was a Private Bus for me and my siz at first as we were the only ones in it. We dropped off at the SMN Train Station near our Hotel. From there, we took the Cab going to Hotel Savonarola.

Our hotel for the next four days, is located in the city center and near famous landmarks like Piazza Duomo, San Marco, San Lorenzo and near the SMN Train Terminal.

We reached the hotel at around 7:30pm (was still just starting to get dark). Confused, as it is not the usual where the reception is in the lobby/ground floor. They have this “bell”, like in the 13th-14th century, which connects to the receiving area, specifically for Hotel Savonarola, their receiving area is located in the 3rd floor.

Just a background with a help from our friend Google, “Florence is a city in Central Italy and the capital city of the Tuscany region. The city is noted for its culture, Renaissance art and architecture and monuments”. This explains the theme of most of the hotels in the city. Another interesting new experience on our first day is their elevator/lift, felt like we were really in the 13th-14th century (will post my Italy videos on my youtube channel).

Time for dinner, we tried their room service and ordered, of course, PIZZA, the best original Italian way. That’s it, it was a sumptuous meal, a fab way to call it a day and have some good night sleep for a busy fun day tomorrow-PISA DAY.

Pisa,Italy: Text


Second Day in Italy, time to move away from City of Florence first. We ventured the Other Famous City with the Leaning Tower, and yes, you got it right, PISA. Of course, we all know that Pisa is best known for its iconic Leaning Tower. 

By Train (oh I love their trains), it is an hour ride from City of Florence to Province of Pisa. It was an educational and interesting whole day tour with the help of our Tour Guide and other tourists. We joined a “group day tour” to not miss the important landmarks and spots needed to see in Pisa. We took advantage of the "Getyourguide Tour- Best of Pisa Guided Tour"

You will see everyone busy doing the “leaning shot”, thanks to our joined tour guide Andrea for the great tips where to do those shots, and other keypoints as well. Grazie!

1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa – we did not get the Getyourguide package with ticket to get inside and climb the Leaning Tower. We just wanted to see it and take a picture of it. Skipped the 290+ steps and see all the other beautiful views and must-visits instead.

2. Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta – this is the Basilica of Pisa that is also located around the grounds where the Leaning Tower is located. The art used in this Cathedral is what they call the “Romanesque Masterpiece” which simply represents “prestige and wealth” (source is

3. Baptistery – this is known as the largest baptistery in Italy. It is said that it is constructed of Marble. All the “Romanesque” and “Gothic” style, designs and details we saw felt like we were really in the 13th-14th century era.

4. Palazzo dei Cavalieri – as we go along the tour and walk around, we were introduced to some old historical buildings and we had a stop in this Palazzo. Had some few photo shots in here.

5. Universita Di Pisa – we went inside and had a few walks and photo shots as well. Not so much to do.

Pisa,Italy: Pisa Italia
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Pisa,Italy: Image


Pisa,Italy: Image
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta-mjtrave


Pisa,Italy: Image
Universita Di Pisa-mjtravelgoals


Pisa,Italy: Image

Before we head to the train station to go back to Florence, we had,,, can’t get enough of Pizza in Italy right?, had a perfect pizza snack and excitingly bought some souvenirs.

Another thing that makes a travel fun is the opportunity to get to meet other people with different cultures and races. Those conversations make a trip worthwhile.

Such a full blast Pisa Day and everything was FUN. Still have Florence and Venice to look forward to…see you soonest on my Florence and Venice Pages here on my Blog.

Thank you again for reading. Ciao and “Arrivederci”.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart_Psalm 37:4

Leaning Tower-mjtravelgoals
Pisa,Italy: Text


Pisa,Italy: Text
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