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A Day Tour in a Perfect Weather in September of 2019 (Part 3 of Europe Tour)

Venice, Italy: Venice,Italy Tour Page


“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to Live the Life of Your Dreams”_Oprah

Had a great 2 hour train ride from Florence and when "Venice Water" was in sight,,,that means=voila! benvenuto Venezia!

"One day, I will also be there!"

This is always the thought that comes to my mind whenever I see places that are included in my bucket list in any travel shows.

The comforting feeling of imagining myself munching on those perfect Authentic Italian Pizza and Pasta, actually riding on the Venice Waters that is always being shown in Hollywood movies, seeing the actual gondolas, plus the houses and establishments that are amazingly designed On The Waters,,, those are just few of the many reasons why this "Venice Tour" experience is a must!

Me and Siz started of from the Train Station (ride from Florence to Venezia). As a recap for this Europe Tour, we already explored PISA the day before. This is our THIRD DAY in Italy.

When we took the exit from the train station, we were greeted by the "welcome to Venice" view and the busy but fun vibe of the boats, cruises and gondolas in the terminal station. Our big smiles were just painted on our faces as we both know that a fun-filled-extravagant-experience was waiting for us that day. My mind kept on saying "NASA VENICE KA NA GURL!" Thanks to my super Siz for being the tour guide for this surreal trip...

Venice, Italy: Text

Welcome to Venice!

On to our first boat ride and off to the must-visit spots.

The first eat of the day,,, no brainer-PIZZA and PASTA. I even forget how many times we said "WOW" on the heavenly taste of these must-eats! Yum!

We started our "self-guided tour" as this is the second-time visit of my Siz, so she had prepared itinerary for the day...

Itinerary that is not so tiring and more time to just feel the "heart of the place". This is what we would love to do on this day tour. Let your feet wander and lead the way.

Venice, Italy: Text
st. mark's square-mjtravelgoals


Piazza San Marco : "The Largest Square in the Heart of Venice"

This is where you can find the restaurants, the friendly pigeons who make all the photos of the tourists seem lively and perfect,  some artistic/professional painters. and all the things that you may need to see in a day trip in Venezia.

If you walk to the left side (based on the direction facing the image), you will see the beautiful "European Renaissance Feels” Structure & Buildings (as shown on next image).

There, you will also find the Gondolas Terminal (as shown on the third image).

Venice, Italy: Image
st. mark's square-mjtravelgoals


Piazza San Marco : "The Largest Square in the Heart of Venice"

I must say that whenever we see these great structures, it just completes the "European Overall Feels"!. Seeing this pic, I'm sure you will agree with me.

Venice, Italy: Image


The Gondolas and the Must-Visits

After mesmerized by the gondolas waving and floating on the grand canal, we also enjoyed the MUST-VISITS SPOTS:

A. Rialto Bridge

B. Campanile di San Marco

C. Saint Mark's Basilica

Venice, Italy: Image


If I am to choose only one photo out of all the hundreds we clicked in this trip, this would definitely be my choice as this just shows the very meaning of our VENEZIA EXPERIENCE!

For me, what's important in this tour is that Venice is all about experiencing their lovely culture. This is one of the travels where I would just want to stay at one place for a few minutes and just savor the moment, without thinking of where to go next.

I'm sure you also have those itineraries wherein you have to cope up with the list to make you feel that your day is really worth it, but for this explore, time just went smoothly until we realized that the day already came to an end wonderfully packed with a whole new experience. Definitely another dream came true, for me. Thankful to the people we met and all the lively moments we had here in this beautiful place...

It is now time to go back to our hotel in Florence. For the next 2 days, we wandered the colorful city of Florence... and that will be Off to my next page=Florence...

Thank you all for reading. Hope to see you again on your next read here in my site. Stay healthy and safe :)

Psalms 19:1 - "To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork."

venice grand canal-mjtravelgoals
Venice, Italy: Image


Venice, Italy: Text
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