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2021 Food Cravings List : A JapaNice Resto in the Metro

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

It has been more than a week since we welcomed 2021 and technically the start of the new decade. Our wish to an end of an enigmatic year 2020 finally happened that brought us new found hope for a better new year. You might say we had slightly tough first week of January based on all those news, but I’d rather choose to focus on the good news that can give me aspiration to keep on going.

Talking about travel abroad, sad to say, we still have travel bans for specific countries as of the moment. For local travel, selected local flights are already available. Hence, if you still want to hold your horses, it doesn’t mean you can’t venture in your ‘favorite other country’s cuisines’, right?

I can’t remember how many times I used the word “Quality” when I described the food on my Japan Blog Page. Needless to say, out of all the Asian Food I tried, if I need to choose only one as my fave, I will say “Japan Cuisines“ right away.

Fortunately, we have soooo many choices on where to eat here in the metro depending on our cravings. When I Dined-In again on this same Japanese-Themed Resto, I still had the same great experience. That being said, I really wanted to feature this here on my Personal Blog, so, here it is🧐

If you also have suggestions on where to eat and wants to share your favorites, feel free to leave your comments and recommendations.


”YAYOI – Japanese Teishoku Restaurant”

Some GTK (good to know) information🤔 : source from gurunavi website (thank you for the details)

“Teishoku – is a type of Japanese set meal, where all of the dishes in the course are served together as a set. Teishoku dining is based on the ichiju-issai (or “one soup, one side”) traditional meals offered at Zen temples, which included a main, soup, rice and pickles.”


As I would describe it, it is same as in Japan. The “click to order” process.

Actual Photo taken from my phone

You can ask for a hot tea (complimentary) while waiting for your order.

Actual Photo taken from my phone


I ordered their “TORI MIX TOJI TEISHOKU”.

Combination of chicken, shrimp and beef. The fusion of your meat favorites are all in here. Their “house special sauce” mixed with egg made the dish more savory, which also made me eat more rice. Of course, we know the good quality of rice being served in an authentic japanese resto.


I enjoyed their Miso Soup. Not really sure but maybe for some of you, we have the same ‘thinking’ that the quality of miso soup is one of the important indicators if it will be an extraordinary overall 'japanese eat' experience or not. With “YAYOI”, definitely a two-thumbs-up experience. Worth the price of P475.

I would also recommend their “Sukiyaki Teisho” if you want an all-beef dish. Tried this on my first visit as I was craving for beef. Also the reason why I visited again. Another worth the price of P595.


For drink, I ordered their “house blend lemon tea”. Usually, whenever I order heavy meals, I just go for a soda or an iced tea to leave room for dessert. Worth the price of P99.


This is good for 1-2 persons if you just want to have right amount for your ‘sweets’ intake.

“Yayoi” also serves mouth watering desserts. I ordered “Mango Parfait” as it looked stunning on their menu and I love mangoes. Another good choice for dessert. Everything is perfectly balanced from the texture, sweetness and taste of every ingredients, not to mention the pretty presentation of it on the cup when served. Must say, I was not disappointed with the “expectation vs reality” idea. Worth the price of P195.

This is an Actual Photo taken from my phone👌


They have different branches across the metro and you may also visit their website for full list. Dined-In at their SM North – The Block 2nd level branch for this blog.

Thank you for reading😊. Please feel free to share/comment and don’t forget to click on 'Subscribe Form' to get exclusive updates and perks.

"Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart.”_Ecclesiastes 9:7

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