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A Great Place for a Jog

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

“At Ease”, for sure the most awaited words we wanted to hear after all those different levels of stricter quarantines. Under Alert Level 3, we can somehow do the things we usually do as “normal people” before the pandemic (B.C.=Before Covid), but in the new normal!

Talking about more relaxed “new normal”, where did you go as soon as Alert Level 3 has been announced? Wherever it is, I hope you had a blast. As for me, I really just wanted to sweat it out in a great place with a best view I can have without travelling too far yet. So I was so excited, geared up specially with my fave sneakers, and ready for that long overdue and much-awaited jogging exercise---and yey---OUTDOOR!!!

Arrived at La Mesa Eco Park, Quezon City at 9:15am, wrote name on their log sheet, paid P40/adult for the entrance fee, a little chitchat with Manong after he handed the entrance ticket, walked towards the small “open bahay kubo” and gave the ticket to Kuya to get a stamp. Don’t forget to wear face mask upon entry. They still have the “no-mask-no-entry-policy”.

It is time to get the camera as it is the start of the trail with a very relaxing view. A stunning green lush picturesque that is a must that needs to be captured. With that being said,,,more photos and videos with “very close to nature” theme are being collected as I also jog, walk and run through the long green path up until the main entrance of the park. I did remember myself thinking out loud while panting “sa haba na ng nalakad, eto pa lang pala yung main entrance?” #struggleisreal #firsttimemagexerciseulit?😅

My last visit was maybe more than 2 years ago that’s why I forgot the trail.

Park is open from 6am to 12noon daily. Kids/Minors are now allowed to visit. Main attractions are Garden of Love, The Garden of Hope, the #papicture section set-up on the grass, the long stairs if you are up for a challenging run, fish pond, picnic grounds, more biking trails, and my fave-the“hagdang palayan ecopark version” or they call The Terraces. Butterfly Haven and the Orchidarium are closed at that time.

The Terraces


a great place for a jog

Peace of Mind. Definitely 3 words I can think of out of these simple yet essential attractions, plus a breath of fresh air, sight of glorious flowers blooming, abundant trees and greeneries. Simply - the Beautiful Gift of Nature : the only thing I needed to have one refreshing Day Out for a Jog.

Hope you will also have a great day if you are planning to get some exercise soon. Feel free to share in the comments your “best place for a jog!” 🌳🏃‍♀️👌

#peaceofmind:nature view short video is available on my youtube channel @MJ Siat Link:

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Thank you🙂

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