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Back to Bohol 2022

Summer 2022 and finally, we all have the chance to fly again in a more confident manner. For the last two years of pandemic, we just chose to stay at home for our safety while our minds were screaming #BeachPlease! as we are used to being in the sand and ocean waters every Summer Season. Of course, that's given since we are surrounded by all these beautiful islands,,,which makes me curious—what was your first flight and where did you go this summer 2022? Feel free to share in the comments section and I can't wait to hear your beach stories too. I'm sure you had a superb time with your family and loved ones.

As for me and my sister, we decided to go back to Bohol after more than a century. A short side story: 2009, that was our first time to travel to Bohol with Mom. We visited all Bohol's Pride: Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Conservation, Floating Restaurant on Loboc River and my favorite-the best ’real aquarium‘ I've seen as of that time:the Balicasag Island. That trip was also the last family travel we had before mom left this world the next year due to Cancer. After that, we never visit Bohol again.

Back then, we stayed at Amarela Resort. The resort has a very homey vibe and I can still remember the room looks cute, nice and clean. We still have that "Bohol photo album" that's why I can still picture everything in my mind. I checked google for Amarela Resort and they are still operating up until now, rated as 4 star hotel resort.

Fast Forward to April 2022, we were still deciding where to go because we want a worthwhile travel since this is the first time to Fly-Travel again after two years. Then came the "Going Back to Bohol" idea! Bellevue Resort came to my mind due to my friends already went there. However, "Beached" travel show:Bohol Episode hosted by Marc Nelson and Christi McGarry on Metro Channel was On, and they featured a new resort that just opened during the pandemic years. All that we saw in their episode was exactly what we want for our travel summer highlight 2022. And so be it...ready set...

💡Bohol Video Links available below


It is the Third Week of May 2022, off we go to Terminal 2 for our Philippine Airlines Flight in the afternoon to Bohol-Panglao International Airport. It replaced the Tagbilaran Airport, so the ticket and the bag-tags will still show Tag-Panglao. I suggest you do the online check-in for faster transaction. Only need Vaccination Card for fully-vaccinated individuals at that time. I strongly suggest to double check airline's website and resort's website come June 15 as there will be updated level restrictions to be disseminated. Hence, I believe Bohol is still in Level 2 until June 15, 2022. Just plane ticket, gov't IDs and Vaccination Card (fully vaccinated) and your good to go for your flight.


Upon arrival at Panglao Airport, Kuya Ralph and our service were already waiting for us as we took advantage of the resort's Private Transfer for P800 from the airport to the hotel for around 20 minutes drive. They also offer private transfer from the hotel to the airport for more convenience. You may contact their friendly reservations team to arrange private transfer and private day tours.

When the van was almost on its way to a full stop, we were greeted with fabulous illuminated entrance/reception area of the resort and that was the time everything sinked in, it will definitely be a great 5days/4nights vacay!

Ms. Shen happily welcomed us and she was very friendly and accommodating making sure everything we need is in place. Same with all the staff in the reception area including kuya guard, they were all very welcoming. Same genuine friendliest vibes while we walk along the alley until we reached our fab home for the next 5 days. When we saw the room, we just exclaimed, "thank you Lord for the safe flight! this room, this resort, are all worth the wait!". Revenge Travel It Is! Excitement at its best!

We had fun time to roam around and explore their big hotel particularly the Infinity Pool-approximately just 4ft deep, Kiddie Pool, Swim-Up Bar and Pool Lounge that are open until 10pm. They also have what they call the "Sunken Lounge" where you can get a picturesque of the colorful fishes in the koi pond, the artful wall behind the pond and the wonderful view of the pool and the pool bar.

Time for Dinner, one of the highlights on the "Beached" travel show Bohol episode was the resort's restaurant called "Mangaon Ta" which means "Let's Eat" and the al fresco bar. We ordered Sisig and their version of Shrimp Sinigang. For Drinks, we had Margarita and Pina Colada. A savory meal with chill drinks-a way to end our first marvelous day.


Deluxe Sunset View Room with breakfast buffet was our choice of room. We booked the 'risk-free booking' via Agoda with Free Cancellation a day Before Check-In. You can reserve via their website (, via their email address, via their facebook page, via booking website or via tripadvisor website.

Room price starts at around P5,000 for 2 adults per night. They also have discount room packages being updated on their facebook page@modala beach resort.

Our room and bathroom are spacious, we have our own balcony, big smart TV, 2 fab couches, free slippers, drip coffees and tea facilities, and an office chair and desk. The bed has "welcome home" art design made from thin leaves with Modala Postcard showing handwritten message "it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Modala Resort!". One way of showing great Customer Service is how a business welcomes their guests, and surely, they are nailing it.

Tripadvisor rated Modala as "Excellent" by 67 travelers and they are tagged as one of 2022 traveler's choice awards. As for me, If I would rate our room, it will be 10 out of 10 given that they are just in their nearly 3rd year in the business but we can say that we actually got what we paid for.


Breakfast is a must for this day as we are heading to a day tour full of activity and fun. We had a sumptuous breakfast buffet at their Mangaon Ta restaurant while overlooking the low-tide calm beach. For me, Coffee is what makes a breakfast grand, but don't miss out their Hot Chocolate which is one of their "local prides". Complete with salads, variety of fried small fishes and special danggit, soup, around 3-4 main viands, omelette and more eggs. Fruits, medium-sized pancakes (which I like), around 4-6 types of breads and jams were also in the list to choose from. Don't forget to also try their version of Champorado.

In our opinion, it may be best if they have separate stove/cooking area designated only for guests’ special omelette requests. They only have one cooking area for eggs for the buffet and the separate requests from guests. Can't blame the one in-charge on that section if he/she gets a little rattled. But overall, kudos to all resto staff. They‘re all very attentive, masipag and very friendly.

On our fourth day, we spent the whole day at the beach, that was after we had our Day Tour on the third day. We just decided to swim, do all the beach activities available, swim, eat and swim-wait,,, did I mention swim? lol!

It is late afternoon and we are famished—ordered again but this time, we wanted to get some light meal and chill drinks. Pizza and Shakes. Not expecting much with the pizza but hey---YUM! Loved everything especially the thin crust. Fresh Watermelon Shake and Mango Shake are the best while munching on the hot crispy pizza, by the beach, just staring and hearing the beach waves. Ahhhhh,,,This is Life!!!!”💛


What makes this resort unique is they have a mall strip beside it. It has 7 open restaurants already and one of the things that make this bohol trip fun is that we have more choices of food/restaurants for our 5 days trip. Usually, you can get stuck with just one available restaurant in a resort or you may need to go outside to try other menus. But with Modala, they opened their resort to local entrepreneurs/investors by opening a mall. Smart move for a win-win situations for their local community. (Sana all ganyan magisip). Bravo to that mindset of "together we stand!" after everyone has been struck with the after effect of the pandemic. The mall feels so alive because both the tourists and the locals visit the mall to eat out with friends and loved ones. At night, be entertained by the colorful and playful illumination of the water fountain at the center of the mall strip.

We tried 4 restaurants:

1. We had seafoods on Ocean Lounge and Beach Bar for Lunch

2. Mexican Dinner at Moon Cafe (tip:their one order of nachos is good for approx 10-15 people so think twice before ordering from the appetizer list). We had pasta and ribs (two thumbs-up) for main meal. Serving is good for 2-3 persons

3. Tried their locally-made ice cream from Bohol Bee Farm

4. Since me and ate both love Japanese Cuisine, we had dinner twice at Onami Japanese restaurant and enjoyed their Ramen and Tempura


After a fulfilling breakfast, we met Kuya Dodong who will be our driver/tour guide for the day. Modala arranged our private day tour for P4200 for the whole day and we just let Kuya Dodong know where we wanted to go. If you are touring in groups, that would be much cheaper by dividing the full amount of P4200 amongst your group.

TIP : have a great breakfast first to be ready for a 2-hour drive from the resort to Carmen,Bohol or the Chocolate Hills Area. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes or a summer long sleeves if you plan to ride the ATV which is a one-hour terrain drive.

1. One Hour ATV Ride at Sotera's ATV : P1200 per person for single ATV

2. Climb the long stairs to have a great view of the Chocolate Hills : P100 entrance fee

3. Bohol Enchanted for the Tarsier, Butterflies and Rabbits : P120 entrance fee

There are two restaurants in Bohol Enchanted : the Buffet Style and the Lunch Package Style with choices of 3-4 viands. Locally-made ice cream in different fruit flavors are also up for grabs

4. We also included the Souvenir Shop for our last stop for the day for "pasalubongs". Kuya Dodong drove us to Aproniana Gift Shop

Takeaway: ”Magkano po ang bayad?" shouted by a woman before she enters the restroom in the Chocolate Hills Tour Spot, "WALA po bayad!"... me and ate were just staring at each other. Seems like we all are used to ‘Paying for Everything‘ even for using a restroom whenever we travel. Safe to conclude that the entrance fees being paid by the quests are all being used for worthy purposes for their tourist spot. Bravo Bohol👌


They said on their website that they have the longest stretch of white sand in Panglao and kuya driver on our way back to the airport also attested to this. Well, we couldn't agree more. We really enjoyed the long beach shore, the calm waves, the clear waters and the free beach activities they offer to their guests. Paddle Board and Kayaks are all Free to Use. There is also a 'horse back riding by the beach' and this one is the coolest for me as it is not usual in other resorts. Another instance that I admire the people in Bohol when I asked Manong how much should I pay after my horsebackride with Jojo(horse's name). Manong said that it is up to me na lang daw. For tourists and travelers, I hope in cases like this, ”Let’s not be kuripot naman". If you have spare, why not give above P200. Remember : more blessed to give than to receive. After all, you had a great time, great gram photos and great videos for your youtube/tiktoks. Be Great—-Share!😉🤝👍🏼

Bohol Video Links: 🎥 : Bohol @ Modala Beach Resort Vlog

June 2, 2022

🎥 Chocolate Hills & Tarsiers Youtube

Bohol’s Pride 2022

🎥 Sotera’s ATV Ride Instagram vid

🎥 Modala Beach Tiktok vid

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Thank you and I hope you had a good and informative read. 'Til my next blog. #safetravels🙏

Proverbs 3:23 : "Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble.”

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