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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

“Home of the Winds” : The Best ‘Probinsya Feels‘!

Welcome to my first blog!🙂🤝

Picturesque nature, thrilling adventure, jaw dropping bodies of water and colorful culture. These were just few of so many reasons why I was motivated to finally take a step and write my personal travel blog to simply share to other travel enthusiasts like you.

Let's start with Luzon..."The Best Probinsya Feels" just simply means that I was really embracing the 'true feel' of Nature. Something unexplainable uniqueness that Batanes has. Hope this Batanes Page can get you excited and who knows?, you might end up flying to Basco for your next travel adventure!


  • Skyjet : I suggest choosing Skyjet for faster flight compared to other airlines. They have direct flight to Basco.

Accom and Tour Package 🏨

  • Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant

Me and my Siz decided to get our accommodation and tour package all-in here in Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant. I would recommend this inn if you are looking for convenience and hassle-free vacay. They are very accommodating and importantly, organized in their tour packages.

Inclusives :

  • Daily Breakfast and Lunch, (you can request their nice cooks what kind of "luto" you want)

  • Exclusive van w/driver (of course😉) with tour guide for the whole tour package. We met super cool Kuya Mik as our tour guide.

  • website:

Upon Arrival at the inn, we were so ready for our First Day Tour...talking about such a "BANG" for an awesome "Welcome Batanes" Day!

Giving you our Daily Highlights. This can help you if you are up for a DIY Itinerary. Since this is our first time to visit this beautiful province, and is definitely in my TRAVEL GOALS, we chose a tour package to make sure we are not missing out on any of the must-visits. I must say, it worked out sooooo well and definitely had a Blast!

Highlights : 

Mt. Carmel Chapel

Radar Station (Tukon)

Japanese Hideout

Boulders Beach Valugan

Rolling Hills

Naidii Hills, Basco Light House


This is my most unforgettable and feels like the longest 30 minutes banca ride ever😱! Picture this... locals were just chillin' sittin' chattin' while us, the tourists, were all quiet, holding on to our seats, while the approaching waves were almost taller and waaaay higher than our banca in a sunny great weather?! #adventureatitsbest👍

Highlights : 

Savidug Stone Houses

Savigud Idjang (fortress)

Chamantad (Tinyan Viewpoint)

The famous Chavayan Village

Lunch at Morong Beach👌

Nakabuang Cave

✍️Wear or bring slippers, shorts, comfy long sleeves, hats and apply sunblock lotion.

DAY 3 : BATAN (Southern Tour)

Exploring around Batan. This time, no banca ride. This is another "wow" land tour. Most likely, I want to share more pics as I must say, all locations so far that we’ve visited from day 1 are ALL stunning. Those breath-taking images that I just see on the net have come to life and I just can’t find words to describe how happy I am to finally have another ‘dream come true’ Travel Goal. Ready your cam as you don’t want to leave these places without you posing on those surreal views. My fave for the day is their Marlboro Country, ring a bell?😎👣


Chawa View Deck

Mahatao Pier

Mahatao Old Light House


Honesty Store

Alapad Rock Formation


Our tour guide Mik told us that there is such a "not so hidden swimming spot" with a short rough "terraine" for an adventure. Since we love the Beach and we are absolutely not leaving Batanes without a swim, GO!!! 🏊‍♀️

DAY 5 : DEPARTURE TO MANILA The most sad part of a trip :) But, on a positive side, it means another wonderful journey to add to memories and another amazing island unveiled.

Bottomline,,,as one quote says..."Don't listen to what they say...GO SEE." 👀

Overall, Batanes is definitely my No. 1 Province in the Philippines for the “most probinsya feels”. Given that we have so many islands here in our country, I can still choose Batanes as I felt that I was so far away from the hustle and bustle in Manila Life. Well, provinces with beaches as their gems is a whole different topic of course. In here, I just felt 100% close to nature and I just imagined that the air that I’m breathing here is different from all other place-haha, felt like so clean air,,,you may say it is OA, but I bet, you might feel the same way when you visited Batanes. This is the place where you really just want to relax and peacefully embrace the nature’s natural pamper.


Thanks again for visiting my first blog. A little bit of an introduction, I'm MJ and just like you, my greatest passion is to travel. I believe this is the best and most fun way to gain knowledge. I also love to write and I'm excited that I can do both here in my page. Hope you find this page worthy to choose BATANES as your next getaway. Safe Travels and Thank You. ‘Til my next blog✍️...

"All things were made through Him, and without Him was not any thing made that was made."-John 1:3

Batanes Video Link to my Youtube Channel:

Sabtang Island:


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