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Fun Cebu @ Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark

For this year's #revengetravel, we journey to Central Visayas. After the beautiful Island of Bohol, we chose a more thrilling and fun vacation that is in Mactan, Cebu. This time, we are not just up for a "beach bummin' kind of a chill day",,, this time, we are up for; big and long slides available for someone who wants an adrenaline rush, different themed swimming pools, around 10 restaurants/bar to choose from to indulge in delicious food, and all other waterpark activities that you can think of---yes, they have it @Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark Cebu.

Almost an hour and a half flight from Manila to Mactan, Cebu. From Mactan Cebu International Airport, our Jpark Service Driver was waiting to pick us up for a 30-40 minutes ride to the resort. There are available taxi/cabs of course outside the airport but it is definitely more convenient to arrange a transport to/from the airport and hotel/resort of choice. After all, you are in a "vacation" so go ahead and choose the effortlessly itinerary😉

They say on their website that they are the 'most spacious accommodations in the region' and as we enter the resort, I would say I Agree! Huge buildings, a Casino, more restaurants/bars, big pools and everything that a waterpark can offer for a fun-filled vacation for families and friends, they definitely have it. A nice choice for my big siz's birthday celebration. Our mantra for today's blog: " Fun Knows No Age!"🥳


️Their Famous Pororo Park - kids will definitely love this (prior reservation required). Adults also had fun seeing the cute mascots and colorful interiors of the park even by just looking at the design of the entrance from the lobby.

️They also have a Gym, a Spa and a Salon

️Jpark also attracts other guests especially foreigners by their 'The Palace Casino'

️Go Kart Bikes, Mini Golf, Table Tennis, Billiards and Giant Chess also make the overall view of the resort more lively.


🌊The Island Pool (main pool) - loved to swim in this big pool. Also had fun in the basketball and volleyball area in this huge pool. Show starts at 6pm for sing, dance and fire-dance shows.

🌊More "cute-themed" pools namely; Kids Pool/Beach Pool/Captain's Hook

️Our favorite : Amazon River and the Wave Pool - make sure you have your underwater or waterproof camera ready

🛝The Best Water Slides : no more explanation---just what I said- "Fun Knows No Age!"

🌊Relaxing Swim at the Beach but they also offer Snorkeling Activity


They live up to their "5 star" hotel name I would say. Carpeted luxurious and spacious room. You can definitely take a great photo of the room due to its stylish design. The only issue we had is "there is No Bidet!" lol!🙃Room Rates range from P8k to 20k per night. If you have good budget and have kids, you can check out their famous "Pororo Suite".


The Breakfast Buffet is an A-Grade. We looove it!👌All out Japanese, Korean, American and Filipino Food Choices. Definitely our No. 2 amongst our favorite breakfast-buffet-list for our Philippine Travels; our No. 1 favorite was at original Boracay Regency Resort (before it became Hennan).

As expected, we can say that food is expensive since they are a 5-star resort-hotel but, it is worth-it as orders are in big servings and delicious ('must be'!) based on the price. What we love is there are so many choices on where to eat not just inside, but outside the resort as well. We tried the ✏️JLounge, ✏️Nonki Japanese Restaurant and ✏️Coral Restaurant with amazing beach view.

Upon arrival at the resort, the first restaurant we tried is JLounge. We ordered 1 Pata Tim, 2 cups of rice and 2 drinks for a total of around P1200. So that was around 600/head per meal. Hence, we enjoyed the food and the drinks, so, all are good👍🏼

💡TIP : you might want to take a walk and go outside for a meal. There are many Korean Restaurants outside that are least expensive. There are also KTVs-restos, 7-eleven and small stores that you can try visit.

Definitely a wonderful choice to celebrate an event if you want to go away with the usual "beach bumming" vacation idea. If you want to slide, jump, run, swim, play and just have some Fun, this waterpark will definitely help you achieve that "travelgoal"!

Thank you and hope you had a good and informative read. Please feel free to comment and share also your #travelgoals experience! 'Til our next blog👋🏻 #safetravels

"So I commend the enjoyment of life!..."_Psalms 37:3

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