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Just Hang In There!

Updated: Apr 3

How are you doing? How are you coping up with all those new challenges we are facing in this new quarantine era? Safe to say, that we, Filipinos, have the same ideology of "perseverance". That's just how I want to look at it, in a positive way. If we will talk about the problems that revolve around WHY there is a need for another ECQ, I bet an hour or two for a discussion would not be enough. So let's leave the stress and the dilemma to the experts, shall we?!

Before I go on catching up with all of you here in my blog, y'all no need to worry, this is not another write-up on being "all-knowing" on the study of pandemic's cause-and-effect and pros-and-cons, again, let's leave that topic to the experts, and to some "feeling experts" as well-if you know what I mean? (wink!). I heard about this saying "It only takes a minute to say Hello, but it can make a difference in someone's day!" by Kate Summers, the main reason why I want to write this post. Just giving you a simple 'uplifting' to a complicated world we are now living in, and I do hope you'll really feel that way upon reading this.

For the past few weeks, I've known some facebook friends and people who I follow on social media who recovered from Covid, thank God for the healing. On the other hand, @People (I follow on twitter) also has daily updates on who contracted the virus, who recovered, and who did not. Bottomline is that, one cannot know what will happen and when it will happen. That despite the anxiousness, we need to keep on living one day at a time, with the help of strength that comes from prayer and love&care from our loved-ones and friends. The realization of, no matter how tough you are, "collective strength" from God and People, be it family, friends, colleagues, loved-ones, is way more powerful to have a push on our daily lives.

Pardon me, but this is not me being melodramatic (lol), I hate dramas, really, I still believe in simplicity of things!,,, but in these stressful times, I think there is a need to simply somehow brighten up one's day, sharing good vibes at the least, right? "Good Vibes", that word though, maybe unusual since we are all exposed with not so good daily news, but for sure, there are still some good news around. And the good thing is, we can control what we see on our social media feeds.

For the last few weeks, I gave myself a favor by "unfollow-ing" some toxic pages/persons and rather follow more pages/persons that are more fun but sensible. These little things but surely had a great impact in the importance of me, "keeping it together!" Have you also tried un-following people in your socmed? How did it help you? Hope it also helped you in some ways... Healthy Food, Favorite Food, Comfort Food, Music and choice of Great Movies/TV Series are additional things that also help keep me---hmm,,, well what's the word?- "lucid"?! probably the most realistic word to use. Heard of the proverb "an idle mind is the devil's workshop"?, this also comes in handy, that's why as much as possible, I keep my mind busy, but of course, not to the extent of exhaustion. It is always important to know your limits. After all, what matters most is our well-being.

How about you? Feel free to share in the Comment Section your daily routines, what keeps you going, and how you help enlighten someone's day. Overall, this is me giving you a pat on the back and telling you that-"You Are Doing Fine! Just hang in there! Stay Strong & Smart, Keep the Faith & simply BE NICE", 'coz our world badly needs it.

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