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Let's Go to El Nido 2022

The best way to wrap up a year is obviously, by the beach, I might say. The waves, sands, sunset, and sunrise, while looking at the stunning crystal waters, are indeed what I am looking for to have a very relaxing vacation. But, of course, it makes it more special when you are enjoying those on one of the best islands here in our country, El Nido, Palawan.

7 years ago, my sister and I visited El Nido and we enjoyed the popular Island Hopping Tours A and C. It was superb, I love all the island adventure namely Secret Lagoon, 7 Commando Beach, Helicopter Island, Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, and my personal favorites are the Big and Small Lagoon. For those who will visit El Nido for the first time, Tours A, B, C D are available. The popular tours as I have said are Tours A and C. You can take advantage of private tours or I would recommend be a "joiner" in their "joined tours" which is more fun, and no need to worry because a sumptuous lunch is included in the package.

Fast forward to December 2022, we were planning to visit Guimaras for the first time and to have a "huling hirit beach getaway" for 2022 but decided to go back to El Nido instead. We were planning to complete the tours, this time Tours B and D however, El Nido experiences gale warning to storm warning for the whole month of December which can result to 'Cancelled Island Hopping Tours' across the island. So if you are planning to visit El Nido for the first time, you might want to choose to fly within summer season (March-April) for your vacation to be complete. After all, Island Hopping is a must for your El Nido Tour to be worth it! As for us, this time, we just want to chill, enjoy the view, food, beach, and the Inland Tours. Yes, aside from Island Hopping, there is more to offer. They also have Inland Tours.

Thank goodness for Direct Flights to El Nido (Lio Airport), we saved around 6 hours of land travel time from Puerto Princesa. We fly via Air Swift from Terminal 3 Manila, and landed at Lio Airport after an hour (our Air Fare is around P7,000 one way). As soon as we landed, our van from our booked hotel is waiting for us. After 30-40 minutes drive, we reached our hotel for this whole trip - Lagun Hotel.

We liked the interiors and the color of our chic room. They have Bar and Pool on the Roof Top. We also enjoyed the Dinner Buffet held on their Roof Top. The hotel staff are all friendly and accommodating. Food is overall OK. Breakfast buffet is great since I liked their coffee and desserts. Sisig is their best seller and yes, it is delicious. The Location is very near town proper of Balinsasayaw. Just a 5minutes tricycle drive to where all the restaurants and eateries are located. Grills and Seafood are must-try for dinner. We stayed at their Deluxe Room for around P7k/night.

Inland Tours:

All tricycles are offering Inland Tours for special whole day trip. Price depending on what Inland Tour Destination you choose of course. We are three in a group so we can fit in 1 tricycle. We just hailed one outside the hotel.

Inland Tour 1 = P1,500 = Whole Day Tour

Duli Beach : 40-50 minutes drive from Lagun Hotel. It is recommendable to ride a van or a car due to rough road drive for 15minutes going to duli beach but some tricycle drivers can agree to go still. The challenge is, we ought to take a walk for those very steep rough road (just 2-3 minutes walk from time to time) until we reach the destination. We loved Duli Beach. It is picturesque with strong waves, dark blue waters and half-white sand. This is a surfing spot and December they said, is one of the fave months of surfers due to perfect waves to surf. Our friend is a surfer no wonder he really enjoyed Duli Beach. Me and my sister also had fun swimming and playing with those strong big waves. Since it is a surfing spot, surfing lessons are being offered for enthusiasts.

After Duli Beach, we went straight to Nacpan Beach. A 30-minutes drive from Duli Beach. Another wonderful and instagrammable island. Waves are also strong just like in Duli Beach but we still managed to take a little swim on the water. There are ATVs for rent and cottages/tent are also for rent for P300. We had our Lunch at Nacpan.

Inland Tour 2 = P1,200 = Whole Day Tour

Nagkalit Kalit Falls - this is my favorite among the tours we had. Trekking for 30 minutes to the falls and another 30 minutes back. I love the beach, the waters, but this time, I had a great time with nature, the greens and the woods, while we victoriously passed by 9 streams. That was the best exercise I had in a long time lol!

After swimming in the cold waters of Nagkalit Kalit Falls, we headed to Lio Beach for lunch. Lio Beach has many choices of resorts and restaurants. We stayed there and explored the beach area for 2 hours.

Our last stop was at Vanilla Beach. This time, I was able to finally swim while my sister and her friend had a cold beer. Many tourists were at Vanilla Beach during that time due to perfect Sunset and waves are calmer-also perfect for "beachbumming". Restaurants and some shops are starting to open on this location (it is like D'Mall of Boracay). Maremegmeg Beach is also beside Vanilla Beach. This is where Maremegmeg Beach Club is located, perfect for tourists looking for beach-front resort.

Other inland tour activities are Zipline on Las Cabanas Beach and Great Canopy Walk (Taraw Cliff). Don't dare to miss to have dinner along restaurants on Bacuit Bay.

Now that Summer is just around the corner, whatever you choose to do, either inland tours or island hopping, and wherever you choose to go, just don't forget to Enjoy, Relax and Free You Mind! #SafeTravels!

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"when you pass through the waters, I will be with you" Isaiah 43:2

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