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SIQUIJOR : Isla del Fuego (Island of Fire)

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Beach, Waves, Food, Tan Lines…I’m sure you also miss travelling already.

But, why not reminisce?! Why not go back to that one of your best beach moments ever?! This is why I‘m sharing this next blog page after Batanes.

From Luzon, let’s go to,,, Visayas. They call it "The Island of Fire or Isla Del Fuego"🌊

It is always interesting to go to a place where you thought you know what to expect, but when actually on that specific destination, you can just accept the fact the you're wrong and realize that you underestimated all the “awesomeness” that one location could offer.

Why Siquijor?, simply just want to visit the provinces around the Philippines that have the best beaches, nature and culture as well. After hearing great stories and doing research from travel shows and internet, it has been decided-Siquijor was the “Summer Highlight”😎

You might want to rent a local tour guide (mostly with tricycle), to have a full tour view of important spots in the island. We (me and my sister) rented one from a very friendly local married couple. Another reason why this tour was a blast!

Let's Tour...🛫


We stayed at Coco Grove Beach Resort for 4 days/3 nights with Free Breakfast for 2. Breakfast was great.

Room was clean and cozy. Staff were friendly. Recommended!

You may visit their website for updated info on room details and price:


1. Plane ride from Manila to Dumaguete

2. Van Ride from Dumaguete Airport to Dumaguete Port

3. From Dumaguete Port to Siquijor Port - via Ocean Jet Ferry:Fast Craft

4. From Siquijor Port to the Resort/Hotel - you may take public transportation or you can also arrange a service transfer from/to Siquijor Port and your chosen resort/hotel.

From Dumaguete To Siquijor


Of course, Food is Love. As usual, we tried food being served in the resort (aside from the free breakfast), but never fail to try the local restaurants and eateries outside of the comfort of the resort.

During our day tour with our tour guides-Kuya Fred and his wife, we bought fresh crabs from the market and have it cooked in the most simple way for a sumptuous lunch.


1. Old Enchanted Balete Tree

Such a magnificent 400-year-old-tree. What makes it unique is that there is a spring on the base of the tree. This is for “fish spa” attraction and I bet you don't want to miss it. Our feet felt relaxed and super clean.

Minimal Fee for Entrance Fee.

2. Cambugahay Falls

One of the must-visit spots in the Island. You may often see this in travel shows and mostly posted pics in social media for those who already visited.

Make sure to prepare for some steep steps but those steps are all worth it .

Minimal Fee for Entrance Fee.

3. Salagdoong Beach

Another famous place especially for foreigners due to long and high slide.

There is also a cliff for an exciting and thrilling dive.

Also loved the beach-swimming area with some view of small caves.

There is a small restaurant available here offering "budgeted" meals, so if "baon" is not in your "travel norm", then this is an essential.

Minimal Fee for Entrance Fee.

4. Kagusuan Beach

Public Beach also in Maria Siquijor

After Salagdoong Beach, also situated in Maria, we were headed to this another amazing beach.

It is another gem in the island but not so familiar for tourists. Lucky us, we had a friendly local tourist guides couple, and they suggested to include this in our day tour.

No Fee. Free at this time of our visit.

5. Tubod Marine Sanctuary

Stunning Snorkeling Area

No Fee. Free since we stayed at Coco Grove Hotel. It is within their area.

If not staying in the hotel, I believe it is also at minimal fee.

One of the things I loved in this island, at the Least Price for their tourist spots...Just right 👍

Additional Info, Costs, Budget

👉🏽Tourist Spots Entrance Fees : around total of P50/head

👉🏽Accommodation and Plane Fare - amount depending on your needs and preferences

Ferry to/from Dumaguete/Siquijor Pier (200 one way)=P400/head

👉🏽Food – Lunch,Merienda,Dinner (bfast is free at the hotel). Let’s just budget at least 150/meal/person for 4 days (450x3) = P1800/head.

It all depends on where you want to eat. At the hotel or go for a walk outside to some small/budgeted restos or eatery.

👉🏽Additional : Tour Transportation – Tricycle (amount will be based on what you agreed with 'kuya manong driver'). We rented a whole day tour and the wife of Kuya Fred also joined us and we all had FUN💯

“An Ocean breeze puts a mind at Ease”

📸 all from my iphone and sony cam


Always look on the positive side of things, that's what they say. This is why I chose to take time while in quarantine, to do things I like-writing & reading.

Thank You again for spending some time reading this page.

Hope this helps in planning for your next getaway. Until next time, maybe to Mindanao or Asia...just one page at a time 😉 Keep safe and healthy!💪

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."-Philippians 4:6

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