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Starting Summer 2023 at Crystal Beach Resort

March 2023, summer is just around the corner and you and your friends are starting to plan a Summer Beach Getaway at one of the popular resorts in Zambales. Definitely an excitement that everyone looks forward to during this season. I often hear about this resort from friends and colleagues because of their "extraordinary" relaxing vibes, not just from the big waves of the stunning ocean, but with the added excellent view from the Manicured Trees scattered along the resort's eight-hectare well-maintained grounds.

Such a View😍💚

I wasn't expecting much, at first, to be honest. I have been to different resorts in Zambales particularly Subic, Botolan and Iba and so far, the experiences were of course, all Great, but not Excellent. And I am talking about the "beach" in particular. The idea of a relaxing quick vacation is always wonderful with all the "must" views and delicious food, but there are times that we were not able to enjoy swimming as big crashing waves are also trying to join us in our water escapade.

After 4 hours drive, thanks to my independent and strong-women friends, Rose and Jacqy, we arrived at the resort and was able to checked-in at around 11am. We were so glad and thankful that the resort did let us check-in early instead of the standard check-in time of 2pm. Since we had our rooms ready and we are famished, we are off for a sumptuous lunch. Two-Thumbs Up for their restaurant as I liked their food. Sizzling Seafood and Sisig are a must-try. Our friend Jasmin and her family have arrived at around noon and we are now all so excited for an overnight summer adventure.


Rooms Booked:

2 Standard Couple Room:

Standard Couple Room @4,450 per Room per Night for Total of 4 Pax.

AC Room with private toilet & bathroom. Inclusion:Complimentary Breakfast

Standard Room

They also offers Regular Tent Camping or Car Camping. Resort also has cabins on their so-called "Jungle Hotel". If you are planning for a Team Building for big groups, this resort is a 'Sure Go'.

Jungle Hotel

Water Activities and ATV to enjoy are also available.

At night, we enjoyed their Sinigang and Shrimp, and bond over a Margarita Cocktail while listening to the Acoustic Live Band, with Bonfire near the beach. Advance Birthday Bash also took place for Rose's.

The next day, the breakfast buffet is definitely one of the highlights of our trip simply because we all love food.

Big Resto

Though we did not really enjoy swimming at the beach because of the huge waves, overall, it was still a very fun and memorable friends-get-together-summer-getaway. Thank you gurls and 'til our next vacation. HUGS

Beach Therapy

"The Tan Lines Will Fade but the Memories Will Last Forever"_dailytravelpill


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