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Starting to plan your #beachtravelgoals 2021? Check this list!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Are you also a beach lover? Just curious, I searched for other words to describe someone who loves the sand & water and google search resulted to “Thalassophile”. Good to know right? But, however they call us, one thing is for sure, we always long for that cool breeze of the ocean and the warmth feeling of the sand on our feet.

On that note, I can definitely say "I MISS THE BEACH!" How about you? When was your last beach getaway? Feel free to share and to add to this list of mine. I’m excited to hear your adventures as well. For some of you that are just starting to have your #beachtravelgoals, it is never too late, go for it! And for some just looking for new beach spots to visit next year, I'm glad to share my 'Top 10 Best Beach Experience in the Philippines' compilation.

I chose this list considering overall categories for beach awesomeness (of course), comfort and availability of accommodations being offered, nature views, and mode of transportation. We have so many islands here in our country so every destination offers unique characteristics. It is all up to you which you feel suits your mood, be it just “beachbumming” or sort of some thrilling adventure. Here you go...

TOP 10


The ‘Team Building Go-To Place’, especially in the BPO industry. Why not? The beach is great and the surrounding area makes you feel more close to nature. Stayed here from early morning until late afternoon and went back to main town for an overnight stay in a “homey” small lodging house. Mode of transportation is boat ride from-to the Main Town and Anawangin Cove. Can’t forget that bumpy ride in the afternoon. So much for adventure. Hello to all my former SG teammates.



Choosing these two because they are almost the same when it comes to overall experience in nature’s views. Thanks to my friends and colleagues, TeamBiglaan, who introduced me to these 2 islands. Clean waters and the place is not yet modernized, more of a reason you need to visit these if you are looking for that so-called “peace of mind”.

Isla Verde



I’m sure you also have so many memories here with your family, friends and loved ones as this is one of the nearest popular beach destinations from Manila. What I like about Laiya is they have wide variety in terms of accommodation. With regards to the beach, some parts are not so clear, but on the farther part of Laiya that is Hugom, the beach front is way more clear. I also enjoyed the beach night swimming experience. That was so fun wherein many visitors are coming in the late afternoon and checking out in the morning the next day. Cool since not other beaches allow their visitors for night swimming. Not sure if they still have this as of the moment.

I have listed below my recommended Resorts that I've visited:

1. La Luz Beach Resort – Hugom : They now have swimming pool. Best beach front for me out of all Laiya Batangas Beaches I’ve visited. Miss you all Tropang K! This is our fave resort. You can visit their website for more info

2. Acuaverde Resort – Hugom : Rooms are more modern compared to La Luz which is in the “nature-themed” rooms. Beach Front is also amazing, more calm waters compared to La Luz's. Their website is

3. Kabayan Resort – I visited here as a solo traveler. Recommended if you are up for a solo travel. Important thing is they have restaurant. No need to worry for food. Yey! Their website is

4. Paseo Verde – more on “homey” themed resort if you want to do your own cooking. Recommended for large groups and family. Their website is

La Luz Beach Resort



Our first encounter with Whale Shark! Unforgettable and Fun experience indeed with my sister. Cebu is one of the islands in my bucket list where I want to visit all their best white beaches like Camotes, Malapascua, Moalboal and Badian. I’ve been in Bantayan Island like around maybe 10yrs ago but I can still remember that white island I visited. #almostparadise. Stayed at MANSION INN(b&b) in Oslob Town Proper.

Whale Shark Experience



Bohol is not just about beaches, so much to see here and this destination is not just for beach-lovers but also for nature-lovers. Chocolate Hills, the cutest Tarsier, Loboc floating restaurant experience and the best of all, their FOOD. Stayed at AMARELA RESORT.

@ Amarela Resort



After we enjoyed Whale Shark experience and delicious Cebu food, we spent our remaining days of this tour for an overnight in their famous Sumilon Island, Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. Needed to see their SandBar. Thanks to my sister for sponsoring our accommodation. Since the island is exclusive, rooms are so stylish, their restaurant looks fancy, they have full-packed activities like trekking, kayaking, fishing, boating and many more. The Food is sumptuous. Me and my Siz can’t forget the taste of their “crème brulee” #wow! You may visit their website for more info

Feeling the island❤️💯
Our ride to the island
Pool and Beach View



Another location to add in your bucket list for must-visit Sand Bars in our country. However, Camiguin is not just about the stunning WHITE ISLAND, though I must say, that is still my highlight for this trip and number one reason why I would love to go back here. It is surrounded by volcanoes that's why they have more unique attractions like cold springs, hot springs, soda spring. We also enjoyed their Katibawasan Falls and wowed with all the fresh seafood that we tried. Stayed at BAHAY BAKASYUNAN SA CAMIGUIN. Loved that fine resort as well.

Almost there-White Island



My most memorable trip. This is the last vacation we had with mom before she fought a terminal disease. Everything was just perfect, thanks to the Tour Package we took advantage of for our day tours. Makes me proud that Philippines is just at the TOP when it comes to beaches. The most unforgettable spots are Kayangan Lake, Siete Pecados, Twin Lagoon, Malcapuya Island and Banana Island. Stayed at MOUNT TAPYAS HOTEL.

Enjoying the view w/mom



This can also be my top one. Difficult to choose between El Nido and my Top 1 in this list. Either way, both of them have different “mood” depending on your choice. Well, need I say more? All those perfect El Nido images you see in the internet really exist. Same approach with Coron Travel, we also took advantage of their Tour Packages (Tour C and Tour A of Pearl Gate Tours), to make sure we are not missing any must-visits for first timers. Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, Helicopter Island, Star Island, 7 Commandos Island, the famous Big and Small Lagoon and one of our faves-Secret Lagoon. Those are just some highlights of this super enjoyable trip. Stayed at MARIKIT PENSION EL NIDO. Not recommended for big groups as the name defines itself.

Picturesque El Nido


Are we on the same page?! The best definition of “BEST BEACH BUM SPOT”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Palawan, but on the other hand, Bora is more of “I Want to Relax” type of destination. They have activities as well but once I look at the Beach itself and the powdery fine white sands, who needs many other activities, right?!

I choose to just enjoy the water of this 'resort island as the top of the "Best Islands in the World" list published by the international magazine Condé Nast Traveler' and 'No. 1 spot on the Top Islands in Asia list of the Condé Nast Traveler (CNT) 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards', just among those international surveys.

👉🏽My first visit was still with mom and family at FAIRWAYS AND BLUEWATER BORACAY (before 2010)

👉🏽Second visit @ CLUB MANILA EAST BORACAY (2012)

👉🏽Third visit @ BORACAY REGENCY HOTEL (2014)

👉🏽Fourth visit @ LA CARMELA DE BORACAY (2015)



☝🏽Seventh visit…(to be decided!). Hope we can totally travel hassle –free next year. #crossfingers!

👉🏽We still choose accommodations located in Station 2 for more fun and lively vibe.

👍🏽Choose ones in Station 1 if you prefer more of the “exclusive” vibe.

👍🏽Choose ones in Station 3 for lively and budget-friendly hotels and inns.


Hopefully, this somehow helps you on your next travel plans. Feel free to leave your comments and add on the list to help inform others as well. Thank you for reading and 'til my next blog✍️😀

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12

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