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Vanilla Cafe : Also a Feast for the Eyes!

Aesthetic Cafes are sure the most trending business nowadays. The Creativity and the Style/Design are basically what we are looking for in a shop where we can have our fave drinks and decent snacks or a meal over chit-chatting with our friends or besties. As a coffee lover myself, I'm also a fan of those coffee houses that have alluring designs where I can enjoy my fave cup while clicking for some nice instagrammable photos.

Honestly, the thing that frightens me most upon trying these "aesthetic cafes" is when the Food and Coffee are Not Great! I'm sure we are on the same page. I mean, yeah yeah,,, you get to post great photos on your gram but in reality, you will walk out from that coffee shop Sad & Not Satisfied At All! And the Worst realization is - you did not get what you paid for (ngayon pa na sobrang sadsad ng piso at naaaaaapakamahal ng mga bilihin!). So before I try anything, I tend to have a little research as to where to get those next cups of coffee.

Finally, last August 2022, me and my friends tried this cafe in mother ignacia, tomas morato, Q.C. (near philhealth mother ignacia branch). They also have a branch in Baguio. Those Baguio Branch photos on their Gram Account @vanillacafeph look surreal! They have 3 branches nationwide. The food plating on those photos on their IG account got me interested as it look so delicious, sumptuous in serving and certainly a feast for the eyes.

Many choices available to choose from aside from their best-selling desserts, like, Pasta, Pizza, Salads, Burgers, Rice Meals. My friend Jasmin tried the Baby Back Ribs with Rice and Potato Chips for her kiddo. She enjoyed the savory and tender baby back ribs and the potato chips as well.

My friend ordered Lechon Kawali with soup and she also enjoyed it especially the soup.

As for me, really wanted to try their best-selling desserts. It was difficult to choose from their big selections of cupcakes, pancakes, different flavorful slice of cake and waffles. More flavors also available for shakes, non-coffee and coffee drinks. I had fun munching on red velvet and chocolate cupcakes, churos with ice cream on the side, crepe and got hyped up with mocha-coffee-milkshake---and yes,,,i loved it and i love desserts!

Recommendable!!!️ We had fun and we were satisfied! Price starts at P250. Hence, you get your money's worth👌

So if you are looking for a cafe that offers 'Feast for the Stomach And Feast for the Eyes', you may want to try this cafe in Q.C. Definitely worth-it! 👌😋

Short Vid on my YouTube Ch.@MJtravelgoals. Please don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel😊

🍰mjtravelgoals@Vanilla Cafe 2022

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