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Weekend Blast @ Eastwood City Feb 2021

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Last year 2020 lockdown totally meant that we ought to stay in the comfort of our homes and we chose safety even when we transitioned to MGCQ. Come this 2021, I can say that little by little, we are starting to get back on our feet to go out and do some non-essential activities, of course, still STRICTLY FOLLOWING HEALTH PROTOCOLS.

Since most of us still work from home, we are unable to fully unleash the “outgoing personality” within us, so it really helps to go out to meet your tropa, friends, teams or colleagues to do some 'catching-up'. Had my first ever 2021 “catching-up” last January with my colleagues-friends and it was sooo fun actually laughing and talking in-person with them and not just in a video conference call.

February 7, 2021-Sunday, finally had a reunion with my long time TROPA at Eastwood City, Libis. Been 2 years I think, since my last visit in Eastwood, that’s why I also enjoyed walking around while waiting for them to arrive.

Arrived at Eastwood at around lunch time, first thing to do, go to the garden area in front of the Mall because they always have “themed park” designs/arts good for some snapshots/photoshots.

Sunny afternoon at Eastwood
“Chinese New Year” theme, love 2 take pic from this angle
The famous bridge over troubled water, char!
Just walking around
Cake anyone???
Walk of Fame-their version

After that, I went inside the Mall for some window shopping and was looking for a restaurant to dig in for some snack. Yayoi, Mary Grace, Gloria Maris, Mesa, Itallianis and Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken (eastwood) are all still there.

It was humid yesterday afternoon, perfect time to crave for a cold drink and some gyoza on the side, talking about one of my faves here in Eastwood, Tokyo Bubble Tea, still knows exactly where it is located. Unfortunately, it is Closed when I went there yesterday so I decided to check on my next fave coffee shop in the area instead, UCC Coffee, luckily, it is still open. Can’t wait to order for that cold drink and their mushroom melt.

Not meant to be for today 😢
One White Choco Mocha please (P170)
And one Croissant Pizza Toast-Mushroom Melt

My Tropa are all in for that reunion date and we chose to dine at Seafood Island located in the Citywalk 1.

Crunchy Calamares
Boracay’s Feast

After that good talks, laughs and never ending 'catch-up life stories updates' from everyone, we decided to call it a day, at least for that reunion date, until we meet again the soonest. Oh wait, one more "pahabol", just not yet done with fun,,, Minion, Iron Man and Thanos were all waiting for us outside. Why not take a pic with them?, such a way to end the night!

Yeah, we are friends😉😅🤝
With bff and Minion😄
Thanos is really included in our “Tropa”💪😅

Stay safe and healthy always. Hope you also had a great time catching-up with your friends. 'Til my next blog, thank you.

"A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."_Proverbs 17:17

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